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The professor Franzini tells how Covid survived thanks to ozone therapy


Struck by the Indian variant of Covid-19, prof. Marianno Franzini, international president of SIOOT (Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy), told “Orbisphera” the dramatic phases of his illness and how he managed to save himself thanks to ozone therapy.

Follows the chronicle of the story, as it was told by the same prof. Franzini.

In May 2021, prof. Franzini goes to an important hospital in Milan to offer his therapeutic aid to a patient suffering from Covid, with prior authorization from the hospital.

It is almost certainly there that Franzini contracts the coronavirus, due to the very high viral concentration that, as is known, is produced in the specialist departments for Covid patients.

The disease, as often happens, explodes in a very short time and without any warning.

In the early hours of May 12, Franzini is rushed to a hospital in Bergamo. His condition is severe, with 90% lung compromise. Virtually only the alveoli had not been affected by the viral infection which – as will be discovered by laboratory tests – was the Indian variant: the most aggressive.

In the ER he is ventilated via CPAP and, a few hours later, is transferred to the ICU.

The professor Franzini immediately asked that he be given oxygen ozone therapy.

On the same day, a formal request is made to the hospital management to submit the patient, in a compassionate way, to oxygen ozone therapy according to his will declared in writing (to which is added a substantial scientific documentation proving the validity of the therapy).

Some people very close to Franzini (including his wife Delia, the secretary Francesca, the doctors Luigi Valdenassi and Francesco Vaiano, and the Hon. Claudio Pedrazzini, who at the time had been treated and cured of Covid by Franzini himself) go by the head physician to support the use of ozone therapy

Unfortunately, the meeting was not successful because the hospital does not include ozone among its treatment protocols. Furthermore – explains the head physician –, due to his serious condition, the patient cannot be transferred to another hospital.

Towards evening the professor worsens further and intubation becomes necessary.

Medical practice requires that, from the moment a patient is intubated, he is transportable. And at that point Franzini’s friends and collaborators manage to obtain the willingness of the Bergamo hospital to transfer the patient to the S. Carlo Hospital in Paderno Dugnano, where ozone therapy was in use and which had offered a valuable contribution to scientific papers published on the subject.

The presidency of the S. Carlo Hospital in Paderno Dugnano, as well as its head physician, Dr. Emiliano Agosteo, declare themselves, in turn, ready to welcome the patient. And at this point the transfer is arranged, upon written approval by his wife Delia and on the basis of the strong desire expressed by Franzini himself to undergo the ozone treatment.

The professor Franzini is admitted to the S. Carlo Hospital in the late afternoon of May 14th. It is immediately subjected to oxygen ozone according to the medical protocol of the SIOOT (Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy). The protocol provides five treatment modalities depending on the patient’s condition. The professor is practiced phase 5 of the protocol, that is the one foreseen for the most serious situations.

Franzini is subjected to oxygen ozone therapy twice a day, always in accordance with the SIOOT protocol.

On May 19, that is five days after the beginning of the therapeutic treatment with oxygen ozone, prof. Franzini is extubated and declared out of danger.

Great satisfaction from the head physician, dr. Emiliano Agosteo, who had taken his colleague Franzini’s situation to heart, and who had constantly followed the professor with scientific and human dedication.

From that moment the recovery was rapid, until the patient was discharged a week later, to be exact on May 28th.

Since the spread of the viral epidemic, prof. Franzini fought with all his might to ensure that oxygen ozone therapy was also used in the treatment of Covid patients. Dr. Emiliano Agosteo and the S. Carlo Hospital in Paderno Dugnano were among the first to adhere to Franzini’s invitation.

His meritorious commitment has saved many human lives. And by a strange coincidence of fate, this good work of his has also reflected on him.

Franzini has personally experienced the dramatic experience of many Covid patients, and is now able to witness firsthand the effectiveness of oxygen ozone therapy: saved to the saved thanks to the resources of this medical practice that opens new horizons in the field of medicine.